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We work closely with business owners, marketing managers and news agencies to create news and pr images that encourage views, interactions, enquiries and sales. Whilst our PR & News photography is perfect for your website, brochures, social media channels and email campaigns, it can also take your News and PR activity to a whole new level. Here’s how…

Grab the reader’s attention

When you’re flipping through a magazine or scrolling down a news website, it’s the images that grab attention just as much as the headlines, sometimes even more so. A low-quality or boring image does the exact opposite, as it can put people off from reading your news even if it shares valuable information. When your photography is striking and professional, you’ll find that people engage with your PR content much more effectively.

Ensure a consistent style

We’ve come across many businesses that take their own pictures to send to media contacts. Some of them aren’t too bad, although hiring an experienced PR photographer will always bring more strategic and versatile results. One of the main problems with taking your own images is lack of consistency, as it can be very difficult getting all of your photos to share a clear style that ties them all together.

When you choose Karl Andre Photography, you receive a creative and can-do specialist who will help you to experiment with different compositions and backdrops. Though these images will each have a personality of their own, they’ll also be represented by an underlying aesthetic tailored to your brand.

Make the PR process smoother

If you’re quite new to PR, you may not realise just how hard it can be to persuade a journalist or editor to run your story. No matter how compelling the press release, without an exceptional photograph it may not be used by the media outlet. Sometimes the journalist will say that they can send over their own photographer, although this isn’t always the case and they may not be able to work to your schedule.

By building an image bank in advance, you always have photographs that are suitable for sending to newspapers, magazines and bloggers. We’ll also make sure that you have a variety of options, as this way you can accommodate specific needs such as portrait/landscape images, headshots, photos of working environments, and anything else you may require.


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With over 20 years of commercial photography experience, working with blue chip organisations, SME’s, Press & PR and entertainment organisations – I would be proud to work alongside you to provide world-class imagery of your business.

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