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When you need a new set of professional headshot images for your business or actor portfolio, get in touch with Hull, East Yorkshire based photographer, Karl Andre Photography. Thanks to our friendly approach, versatility and attention to detail, we’ll ensure that your business or actor headshots perfectly match your brand style and achieve consistency no matter how large your workforce.

Smile for the camera!

Don’t worry if some of your staff feel awkward when confronted with a camera lens, as we’ll make them feel comfortable and help them to enjoy the experience. Aside from speeding up the process, this also means that every team member will be happy with their new headshot and feel confident sharing it on their LinkedIn profile.

We’ll offer expert advice

Rather than taking your business headshots in front of the nearest blank wall, we’ll talk through your options and help you to decide on the perfect setting. Whilst some businesses like the traditional setup of a bright backdrop, others prefer a more vibrant setting style such as a breakout room or an outdoor green space. The same goes for what your employees wear and the poses they adopt, as a law firm will have a different personality to a design agency.

Making the most of your business headshots

Once we’ve supplied the final images, it’s time for you to use them anywhere you can. This facilitates brand consistency across the board and allows your business to achieve a clear style both digitally and in print. Here are a few places that we recommend you use your new business headshots:

  • Team members’ LinkedIn profiles
  • Meet the Team page on your website
  • Blog posts written by team members (such as an ‘about the author’ area at the bottom of the post)
  • HR records and staff ID badges
  • PowerPoint presentations delivered at workshops, talks and client pitches
  • A board in your reception area that introduces visitors to the wider team
  • Some companies even add headshots to their employees’ business cards


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With over 20 years of commercial photography experience, working with blue chip organisations, SME’s, Press & PR and entertainment organisations – I would be proud to work alongside you to provide world-class imagery of your business.

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