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Industrial Photography

We’re passionate about providing the highest calibre of photography services to all types of industries, including gas, oil, petrochemical, maritime, logistics, energy production, waste management, factories, and businesses operating in the air, road and rail sectors.

Modern and vibrant industrial photography

Industrial settings provide the unique opportunity to capture truly fascinating shots. Whether it’s a port, factory, wind farm, vehicle depot, airport or storage facility, we’ll find interesting ways to showcase what your business does and make you stand out from the crowd through professional industrial photography.

The images that we supply will be in high definition and perfect for applying across the entirety of your marketing, PR, recruitment and internal comms channels. When used to full effect, industrial images by Karl Andre Photography can take a business to the next level and help it to achieve its objectives far more easily.

Celebrate your people

During your industrial photography session, we recommend including as many of your employees as possible. This will allow us to capture images that accurately represent your day-to-day operations whilst celebrating your wider company culture. We understand that constant workflow is business-critical, so you can rest assured that we’ll take the images with as little disruption to your site as possible.

For example, as well as production lines, machinery, vehicles and other key work environments, we suggest also getting some shots of your reception area, customer service team, finance department and any other offices on your site. Remember that these people are just as crucial to service delivery as your production operatives, engineers and drivers, so make sure to get them involved. A popular way to do this is to bring everyone together in a large indoor space or outside the building for a shot of the whole team, which can also help to highlight the scale and capability of your business.

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With over 20 years of industrial photography experience, working with blue chips organisations, SMES, entertainment organisations – I would be proud to work alongside you to provide world-class imagery of your business.

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