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Shining the Spotlight on Industrial Excellence

Despite the difficulties of the last year, the Humber region has received a lot of good news in regards to the industrial and manufacturing sectors. From the fantastic development of Hull receiving freeport status that will create around 6,500 new jobs, to the £240m of private and public investment into decarbonising the North East of England, local industry is going from strength to strength.

Your industry deserves attention

Here at Karl Andre Photography, we have many years of experience in visiting a wide range of industrial environments and capturing them on camera. We’re always up for a challenge and take health and safety very seriously, which has resulted in us taking fantastic shots for businesses in the following sectors:

· Gas

· Oil

· Petrochemical

· Windfarm

· Turbine

· Maritime

· Shipping

· Logistics

· Road

· Rail

· Air

· Storage

· Factories

· Waste management

Show the world what you do

The nature of industrial environments is that they’re highly technical. Every department requires extensive and specific expertise, not to mention ongoing training, continuous improvement and the adoption of new technologies. Whilst for you this is your day-to-day work, Joe Public may only understand 10% of what it is you actually do.

When our expert photographers visit your premises, we take a variety of striking images that showcase the variety of skills and processes involved in your daily operations. These are perfect for everything from your website and social media channels, to PR coverage, event signage and internal comms.

Don’t hide your innovation

Industrial companies are hives of creativity, ingenuity and change. When it comes to sharing your news and achievements, you want your audience to actually read what you have to say. This means taking on a skilled copywriter to give your messages texture, but even these will fall on deaf ears if the accompanying images are bland and poorly taken.

The solution is a vibrant image bank that you can use for your marketing, sales and public relations activity. By making your brand leap off the page, you greatly increase interest in your company and attract positive attention. This could be anything from potential investors to valuable collaborators, all of which may never have discovered your levels of innovation if it wasn’t for your spectacular visual portfolio.

Take recruitment to the next level

There are a lot of graduates and seasoned specialists out there looking for an exciting new role. There are also a lot of other industrial companies advertising vacancies, which means that you need to grab attention in order to receive a high calibre of applicants.

Industrial images taken by professional photographers are at the heart of successful recruitment campaigns, as they catch the eye and invite the viewer to find out more about the role. Your high-quality images will also reinvigorate the literature that you send to universities and hand out at careers fairs, further strengthening and streamlining your talent acquisition and recruitment processes.

Book your industrial photography

We work safely and know how to achieve the best shots in all kinds of surroundings. To find out more about industrial photography, give us a call on 01482 354153 or fill in our contact form.


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