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Gas - Oil - Petrochemical - Windfarm - Turbine - Maritime - Shipping - Logisticts Trucks - Road - Rail - Air - Storage - Factories - Waste management

The team at Karl Andre Photography relishes the opportunity to carry out photoshoots in various industrial and construction sectors, as we find these working environments very inspiring. Our experienced photographers know precisely how to get the best results even from sites that have poor lighting, strict safety regulations and cramped spaces, so we’re always ready for a challenge.


Invest and highlight your Industrial processes with impactful photography

There are multiple benefits that come from high-quality industrial photographs. Aside from the obvious applications of reinvigorating your sales and marketing materials and creating eye-catching exhibition stands, our sleek imagery will also help you to achieve the objectives below.

Highlight processes

Every industrial facility has its own processes, machinery, equipment and techniques that make it a success. These various factors are often hidden from public view, which is why industrial photography is the most effective way to show customers, distributors, stakeholders and potential investors how your business works.

Amplify recruitment

When it comes to taking on new staff, apprentices, team leaders and C-level executives, a description of the role simply isn’t enough. Impactful images are an incredibly powerful method of advertising your company and its premises, so we always take shots that are guaranteed to spark interest and set your recruitment campaign apart from the rest.

Demonstrate compliance

Health and safety, industry-specific compliance and the more recent measures put in place as a result of COVID-19 are crucial to the smooth and continued operation of an industrial business. Aside from being legal requirements, the act of showing that your staff adhere to these regulations and systems also helps to breed further trust in your brand.

Showcase innovation

If innovation and technological advancement are part of your operational infrastructure, you really need to shout about it. Any sales, marketing and PR activity regarding this should always be accompanied by striking photography, which is where we come into the equation.
We’ll talk through what it is you want to share with customers and the media, then quickly establish the best way to visually encapsulate the intricate processes at the core of your business. Smoothly carried out whilst following all applicable safety procedures, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the end result.

Celebrate your people

From machine operators and engineers, to the office staff and management team, your business wouldn’t be the success it is today without its people. Images of specialists in their element is a sure-fire means of revealing the detail and precision that goes into each task. Meanwhile, shots of your office teams hard at work reassures customers of the professionalism and dedication invested into administrative duties and account management.
We’re also experts when it comes to team photos and individual headshots. Don’t worry if you have a few bashful employees, as our friendly approach never fails to bring a smile and always leads to the perfect shot. Whether we take these on your premises or your staff visit our modern East Yorkshire studio, we know how to capture someone’s good side.


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