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Commercial and residential buildings are fascinating things both inside and out. Quite often a business will talk about its products, services and people, yet forget about the architecture that houses them. We believe that your surroundings should be given equal focus, which is why we specialise in architectural photography for all kinds of sectors and purposes.


Documenting the build process and architectural detail in evey shot

Documenting construction projects


Housing developers and commercial contractors alike benefit greatly from our architectural and building photography service. Visually recording the progress of a development site has multiple applications, from making the perfect shot for a PR piece, to updating stakeholders on the current stage.The photographing of works in progress is also excellent for highlighting your company’s values. This could be a case of demonstrating health and safety measures, showcasing innovative construction techniques, raising awareness of your brand, and visually communicating environmentally friendly practices. On top of this, hiring a professional archituctural photographer to shoot the construction of a building is invaluable to posterity. By offering these images to a history archive, future generations can celebrate the origins and heritage of architecture that to them will be a staple of their daily lives.

Selling and renting properties

Architectural photography is all about attention to detail. Everything has to be absolutely right, from the lighting, to the colour, to the composition. If you’re selling or renting properties, the images are the first thing that the potential buyer engages with, so they need to be an eye-catching and accurate reflection of the property.
Many estate agents, landlords and student accommodation companies fail to give prospective buyers and tenants the full picture. It’s not enough to simply take a quick shot of the living room, as people want to get a genuine feel for the internal spaces and external appearance of the property. By investing in architectural photography, you’re guaranteed to sell and rent out houses and apartments much more quickly.

Promoting hotels and venues

Where would the tourism and hospitality sectors be without striking photography? People who are looking to book a hotel, venue or Airbnb property for business or leisure want to see everything right away. By giving them a clear representation of what to expect, they become much more likely to choose your offering over others.
Before we arrive, think about what you personally would want to see when booking a hotel or choosing a space for a corporate event. The obvious inclusions are beds, bathrooms and dining areas, but what about the building’s personality and finer details? These are what engage interest the most, as sometimes a sleek façade, a quirky corner or a view from a bedroom window can inspire the viewer to make a booking right there and then.

Advertising your services

Architects, building contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, gas engineers, painters and decorators, landscape gardeners and interior designers all benefit from architectural photography. We know how to perfectly capture your techniques, expertise, talent and attention to detail in every shot, which can then be used for everything from printed ads to social media posts.
This applies to sole traders, independent contractors and even the largest construction companies, as the photography accompanying your core messages needs to be of a respectable quality and consistency across the board. The more modern, slick and engaging your photography is, the more professional your business will come across to the viewer. This helps to raise brand awareness, get people talking about your services, and should increase your bookings.

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